Glossary of Japanese Food

Sushi, "Taste by the morsel" 

Flattened balls of rice with light Japanese vinegar, under a layer of raw fish or shell-fish. How to eat : Dipped in soya sauce mixed with Japanese horse-radish (wasabi), accompanied by fine slices of pickled ginger to refresh the palette every 3 to 4 sushi.



Slices of raw fish, accompanied by radish cut into angel hair. How to eat : as for Sushi



Rice doused in light vinegar wrapped in a sheet of black seaweed (Nori) rolled & around a middle of raw fish, vegetables, omelette, or fish eggs. How to eat : as for Sushi & Sashimi


Drinks to Accompany your meal

What is traditionally drunk in Japan ?



whose brewing has been perfectly mastered by the Japanese, has become the ideal refreshment for Japanese dishes !



brewed by the Japanese this is generally drunk diluted with water & ice-cubes !



Assortment of lightly fried prawns, fish & vegetables



Chicken skewers



Grilled beef is a sweet & sour sauce.


Miso Soup

Light broth with soya curd.






is the ancestral drink of the Japanese, hot green tea is highly regarded for its lightness & gentle taste but also for its other role: to cleanse the palette & to protect the spirit; others prefer burnt tea.



or rice wine at 14-16% proof, served hot or cold depending on tastes, is the traditional alcoholic drink, prized especially by the men.